Electronic Payment acceptance

Policy, terms and conditions


The Clinton Water District in conjunction with The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 36.29.190 and Resolution # 18-17 allows the District to accept electronic payments from VISA, Discover and Master Card and e-checks.

Credit Card or Debit Card customer information is not subject to Public Records Disclosure. Credit Card or Debit Card customer information will not be subject for use for commercial purposes

The Clinton Water District may accept electronic payments for regular water usage charges (i.e. base rate, water usage charge, interest, late fees, penalties) pursuant to Clinton Water District Resolution # 18-17 and RCW 36.29.190


Electronic Payment Processing Protocol and Privacy

The Clinton Water District Office Manager shall establish and maintain the protocol for electronic payment processing including but not limited to; contracts for electronic payments, convenience fees, and standard business processes and procedures.


Convenience and Transaction Fee

The convenience fee/transaction fee will be renegotiated by the Clinton Water District Office Manager annually with the chosen payment processing company. The fee will never exceed $2.95 or 3% of payment amount whichever is higher. 


Dishonored or Returned Payments

Should a customer payment be dishonored or returned for any reason, the Clinton Water District will deduct an additional debit to the customer account for $25 or the maximum amount allowed by state law, whichever is greater. Charges will also be assessed pursuant to the Clinton Water District's current rates and charges Resolution.



The Clinton Water District does not issue refunds. All payments are final.



The Clinton Water District reserves the right, without notice and in our sole discretion, to modify the Services, terminate your license to use the Services, and to block or prevent future access to and use of the Services. Customers also have the right to stop using the Services at any time.




a.      "Automated Clearing House" or "ACH" means an association of depository institutions that process financial transactions electronically through the Federal Reserve Bank.


b.     "Convenience Fee" means a fee that is charged to a customer for the convenience of making an electronic payment.  A convenience  fee charged to  a customer, typically covers all or a portion  of a payment vendor's transaction costs (see "transaction fees"  below), as well as any other  additional fees that are charged  by an agency to recover  direct costs associated with  an electronic   payment (e.g., agency  costs for expedited   processing; or  agency costs  for  receiving a copy of a  particular  form).


c.       "Credit Card"  means a card indicating  that the holder named on  the card has  obtained  a revolving line of credit from the financial institution  issuing  the card  up to a certain  dollar amount valid to a specified  date shown on the card.  A credit card may be used to pay for goods and services from merchants or organizations participating   in the corresponding credit card program.


d.      "Debit Card" means a card indicating that the holder named on the card has an open   account in a financial institution shown on the card that the holder named on the card is authorized to pay for purchases of goods and services from participating merchants so long as the account is valid and has adequate funds to cover the cost of either goods or services, or both, at the time of the transaction.


e.      "Customer" means a person who is purchasing District services/paying rates or charges or fines with an electronic payment, such as a credit card, debit card or electronic check.


f.      "Electronic Check" or "e-check" means an ACH debit that is initiated by the customer or agency on the Internet against an open account in a financial institution that is authorized for use to pay for services from participating merchants so long as the account is valid and has adequate funds to cover the cost of services at the time of the transaction. This is also known as an Internet Check.


g.     "Electronic Payments" means any financial transaction by which funds are transferred to the District through any type of electronic payment option or method. The electronic payment options include, but are not limited to; Internet payment Processing, point-of-sale payment processing. The methods of payment       include, but are not limited to:  automated clearing house (ACH), credit cards, debit cards, ACH debit processing.


h.     "Electronic Payment  Services" means  any service  provided by a vendor who  acts as an  intermediary in processing an electronic payment, including, but not  limited to: merchant  banking services,  credit card  payment processing, ACH debit processing, and Internet payment gateway services. Depending on how contracts with third party vendors are established by the Clinton Water District Office Manager, electronic payment services may be coordinated by a single vendor or multiple vendors.


i.       "Electronic Payment Processing Protocol" means the standard, District wide processes used by an agency when accepting electronic payments from customers, including, but not limited to, contracts with financial services providers and business procedures.


j.       "Internet Payment Gateway Service" means a service provided by a vendor that directs an Internet payment transaction to the appropriate third party payment processor who facilitates the transfer of funds from a specific financial institution.


k.     "Merchant Banking Service" refers to the designated bank or banking service that processes an electronic payment.


l.       "Payment Vendor" means a service provider who is involved with the electronic payment transaction, including, but not limited to; merchant bank, credit card issuer, credit card association, Internet payment gateway, ACH or credit card payment processor.


m.   "Personal Financial Information" means the information provided by the customer in the course of completing a payment transaction with the District through an electronic transfer of funds, including, but not limited to; credit card number, debit card number and bank account number.


n.     "Point-of-Sale" or POS is a payment option that performs a real-time payment authorization of a customer's account when the customer presents their credit card (or other payment method) in-person at the time of sale.


o.     "Transaction Fee" means the same as "transaction cost" and refers to the cost incurred by a payment vendor for executing an electronic payment. If an agency passes all or a portion of this transaction cost on to the customer, then the resulting fee to the customer is typically called a "convenience fee" (see        definition above).



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User Accounts and Account Security

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Prohibited Conduct

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The District reserves the right, without notice and in our sole discretion, to modify the Services, terminate your license to use the Services, and to block or prevent future access to and use of the Services. You also have the right to stop using the Services at any time.


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Questions & Contact Information

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